About Manitoba Great Wall Performing Arts Inc.

Manitoba Great Wall Performing Arts Inc. is an independent non-profit amateur cultural performance organization. Its membership consists of local Chinese immigrants, Chinese-Canadian citizens and student volunteers who share a common interest in the Chinese performing arts and are dedicated to community growth.

The organization has been established to achieve the following goals: a) communicate and promote Chinese culture and arts across Canadian multi-cultural groups; b) enrich overseas Chinese cultural life; c) strengthen the Chinese ethnic identity and community; and d) contribute to the linkage between mainland and overseas Chinese through performing arts. It further aims to promote culture and art exchanges with other ethnic groups, enhance friendly relations with those groups, and raise awareness of Chinese culture and arts in the Canadian multi-cultural context.

For further information, please contact us.

Telephone: 1-204-333-2701
Fax: 1-204-488-4652
E-mail: manitobagreatwall@gmail.com

Board of Directors

President Gary Liu
Vice-President & Treasurer Rosana Leung Shing
Development Hermann Lee
Arts Director Fei Song
Program Coordinator Yilan Zhang
Membership Coordinator David Tang

Advisory Committee:

Dr. Louis Leung Shing (M.D.), Ms. Eva Luk (Lawyer), Dr. Tse-Li Luk (M.D.), Ms. Cheryl Smith (Business Consultant), Mr. Dave Spiers (Real Estate Agent), Mr. Terence Tsoi (RBC Branch Manager), Dr. Fang Wan (Associate Professor), Mr. Roy Yerex (Retired Lawyer)

Board & Advisory Members of Manitoba Great Wall Performing Arts Inc.

Front row (L to R): Yilan Zhang, Gary Liu, Rosana Leung Shing, Dr. Hermann Lee, Cheryl Smith

Back row (L to R): David Tang, Fei Song, Dr. Louis Leung Shing, Dave Spiers

Absent: Eva Luk, Dr. Tse-Li, Luk, Terence Tsoi, Fang Wan, Roy Yerex