Qian Wang: Started Chinese Folk Dance training at 6 years of age. She graduated from the Chinese Folk Dance faculty of Shenyang Art institute. She was one of the performers in the cultural division of the Guangzhou army division. She participated in the 1996 CCTY New Year Show. She has experience in many large scale performances, including performances for the Chinese national leaders. Since 2000, she was a dance teacher in Shenyang, until she moved to Canada. She is current a teacher in our Great Wall Dance Academy of Canada. She is versatile in Chinese Folk Dance, Ballet and various basic skill training. She was a recipient of Grant for Artists from the Manitoba Arts Council in 2010.

Fei Song: Received formal dance training since a young age. She visited Turkey as part of the China dance troupe at 12 years of age. She participated in a CCTV show at 14, and received numerous awards while in high school. She is a dedicated performer and stage director in MB Great Wall Performing Arts. In 2009 she was represented MB Great Wall to attend the Chinese Folk Dances and Arts Training Workshop in Guangdong. In 2010 she attended professional classes in the Winnipeg School of Contemporary Dance. Her choreography had received Gold Honour in the MB Dance Festival. She is versatile in teaching Folk Dance, Modern dance, Jazz and Hip-Hop.

Carmen Feng: Start ballet classes at 5 years of age. Soon accepted into Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s professional division, Carmen participated in numerous performances. She was featured in the movie , a movie about a young ballet student growing up. is nominated in the 2011 Shanghai International Movie Festival. Carmen Feng is invited to attend the closing ceremony. Carmen received training in Chinese folk dance, and Dance teacher workshop in Great Wall Dance Academy of Canada. She is currently our teacher in the 3-5 yr and 9-13 yr Chinese Folk Dance classes.

Annie Tan: Grew up in Malaysia and received Chinese Folk Dance training since young. She stands out in the presentation of dances of the Chinese cultural minorities. She helped choreographed and participated in many dances for Great Wall Dance Academy of Canada over the years. She is well-received and is currently a teacher for the young children group.

Maribeth Tabanera: Hip hop teacher

Miss. Tabanera started dancing at the age of eight with Magdaragat Philippines Incorporated, where she trained and performed in Filipino Folk Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Improv, and Hip Hop. Her dance experience continued to grow, learning more styles including Tap, Modern, and Break Dancing.

In 2007, Miss. Tabanera became a member of Hip Hop Dance Crew, Define Movement. Dancing with Define Movement has provided her the opportunity to hone her skills in Hip Hop and do opening performances for T-Pain and the Jabbawockeez.

She continues to develop her Hip Hop dance education through workshops offered by local and world class choreographers. To date, she has had the opportunity to learn from world renowned artists such as Twitch (LA), Shaun Evaristo (LA), Jason Wright (LA), Yeya Ekstrom (Sweden), and Steve Bolton (Montreal).

Miss. Tabanera is currently completing a Bachelors of Education through the University of Winnipeg and Red River College. Her greatest passions in life are teaching and dancing.

Jeff (Yan Zhe) Yu: Male, Chinese martial arts and tai chi instructor, Twenty-four years experience in practicing martial arts and tai chi.

- A member of Chinese Wushu Association since 2002 and had passed the Wushu
  Duan Examination and achieved Duan Five

- Participated in martial arts and tai chi competitions at the provincial level

- Participated in martial arts coach training program

- Past executive member of Yang’s Tai Chi Association

Vanessa Leung Shing: Teacher Assistant, Vanessa began dancing at the age of six and soon after, she was invited to join the competitive teams. Over the years, she has taken lyrical, jazz, hip hop, ballet and Chinese folk dance. She has a deep passion for all genres of dance and her love for children is an added bonus. She is thrilled to teach students who love dancing as much as she does. Vanessa has competed in the Manitoba Provincial Dance Festival, Canadian National Dance Championships and L.A. Danceforce in Minneapolis. She has been a recipient of numerous gold medals in competitions. Among those, she won a Dance Scholarship at the 2008 L.A. Danceforce competition in Minneapolis. In 2010, she was awarded with an overall third place and gold medal at the Canadian National Dance Championships for her lyrical solo.