2015 Chinese New Year Carnival

2015 Chinese New Year Carnival show will be hosted by Manitoba Great Wall Performing Arts Inc, Canadian-China Culture Association. on Saturday, March 07, 2015 at 7:30pm.

Place: Club Regent Event Center (1425 Regent Avenue West)

Ticket price starting at $35.

Ticket is available on ticketmaster.ca and all other ticketmaster retail outlets. Free Parking

< CHINESE NEW YEAR CARNIVAL > is a brand name of the oversea Chinese Spring Festival. Staring from 2008 with performance in 6 cities in Canada, the show has over 6 years of experience of success. The show relays on the unique traditional Chinese festivals, dedicated to the dissemination and development of Chinese culture, so that Chinese culture gradually integrate into mainstream Western society, as an integral part of its multicultural, showcase the core values of Chinese culture and take this opportunity to continue enhance the cohesion of the overseas Chinese at the same time. < > highlights Chinese culture ethnic, folk, folk custom, will select and compose the program with the most Chinese cultural characteristics, demonstrating the strength of character charm of Chinese culture, propaganda splendid Chinese civilization.

In 2015, will bringing together all ethnic Chinese artists, using a variety of modern stagecraft, integrating a variety of art forms, explore new style of Chinese folk art of stage performances. It is going to be a perfect presentation of Chinese elements, show Chinese cultural characteristics. With rich Chinese customs and strong artistic appeal, the show is going to be a perfect presentation of Chinese elements and Chinese cultural characteristics.

< CHINESE NEW YEAR CARNIVAL > shows the latest achievements of Chinese national arts. The stage perfectly compromises variety performances such as, national vocal music, dance, folk music, acrobatics, modern pop music and the original ecological combination. It will also present multi-ethnic, such as Han, Uygur, Mongolian, Tibetan, Miao, Yi’s national art essence. It is a perfect combination of Chinese traditional classical art and modern art, nobility and elegant. The audience will be able to experience the simple and imaginative Chinese ethnics’ customs. The acrobatic show presents the essence of tradition but combines with unique innovative art styles. Folk instrumental ensemble vividly shows the rich and expressive China’s unique culture and unique charm. The show intends to invited foreign percussion and bass virtuoso to co-operate together, the fusion of east and west music will bring the audience fresh experience.